At INIDIGO YOGA HEALING ARTS, your healing is our number one concern. “Healing is the process of awareness and integration of all aspects of our Selves. A safe space for this process to occur is created at Indigo Yoga Healing Arts. The result is healing on every level for a balanced & whole experience of the Self.”  ~ Pamela Hollander, M.A.

INDIGO YOGA HEALING ARTS focuses on a Holistic Healing approach to healing involves working on all four levels: Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual.  The state of our bodies, minds and Spirits are a reflection of life situations which cause us to responds on each level, whether we are conscious of it or not.  Different aspects of our Selves act independently on one or more of these levels, and each affects the other. Traditional Eastern Yoga practices are combined with Western Spiritual Psychology techniques, working on the mental and emotional levels, for the healing of the Soul and Spirit. 

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Our Mission is to help you find
Psychological Wholeness and Spiritual Integration